Geelong Cats Squishii Player Plush Toy


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Geelong Cats Squishii Player Plush Toy

The Geelong Cats Squishii Player Plush Toy, is the cutest and the most adorable squishy toys ever!

This incredibly adorable plush toy is 10cm tall, has a soft felt like plush material outer, and has a soft spongy middle that springs back to shape after being squeezed – just like a stress ball!

Squish them, squeeze them, and crush them! You’ll love the squishy toys. Not only are these cute squishies fun to collect and trade, but they’re also great forr elieving stress and helping you focus on whatever task is at hand.

Great for the young (or young at heart) Geelong Cats supporter!

  • Approx: 10cm tall
  • Ages: 0 – 100
  • Squeezable interior
  • Official AFL Plush Squishii Player Novelty Toy
  • Features football guernsey and embroidered eyes
  • Official AFL Licensed Merchandise