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Mum Mug - Inside Out Mugs

Mum Mug – Inside Out Mugs


Inside Out Mugs

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Mum Mug – Inside Out Mugs

A lovely Mum Mug – Inside Out Mugs with beautiful inside-the-mug arts to tell your loved one how much you love her.

Inside Out Ceramic Mug – Its whats inside that counts
The saying on the outside – “If Mums were flowers I’d pick you.”

From the outside the mug appear cleans and contemporary, with a subtle and understated design, but this tells only half the story…Peer inside and a world of colour, bold patterns or quirky twists is revealed with a full decoration on the inside wall and base.

  • Approximate measurements: 9cm diameter at top, 9cm high, 13cm overall width including handle
  • Capacity 350ml
  • Hand wash recommended.

Please note that the mug decoration is painstakingly applied by hand and this in an extremely difficult process. Occasionally you might notice a line inside the mug where the two ends of the decal meet up. This is not a fault, merely part of the production process.

This mug will make an out of the ordinary gift – something new for those who have everything.